Record Expungement During COVID-19

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Should I Get My Record Expunged During the Pandemic?

Now more than ever, people with criminal records are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting a job. Prior to COVID-19, convicted offenders struggled to secure a job because of their past mistakes, so understandably, the pandemic only worsened their struggles.

COVID-19 practically shut down our nation’s economy, resulting in one of the highest unemployment rates in US history. In May 2020, the unemployment rate stood at 14.7% but fell to 6.3% in January 2021. Despite this progress, however, countless convicted offenders are not able to get a job due to their criminal records. Think about it: People without criminal records are having a hard time getting a job, so as you can imagine, people with criminal records have even fewer opportunities for employment at this time in particular.

With this in mind, people with criminal records need to know their options, especially during COVID-19. A common way to move forward with a clean slate is through record expungement. Expungement means to “erase or remove completely,” allowing a criminal record to be “removed” from public view altogether.

Ultimately, record expungement treats a conviction like it never happened by destroying or sealing a criminal record. If the record is destroyed, all relevant documents are removed from the state court system and if it is sealed, the record could be available to police officers but removed from public record.

If granted, a record expungement can help people move forward with their lives and enjoy a fresh start ― a second chance at life. Without a criminal record in the back of their minds, people can approach the employment process with more confidence and ease.

The Time Is Now

It is important to learn if you are eligible for record expungement during the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular. This is because as the economy slowly reopens and gets back to “normal,” employers will become increasingly open to hiring. As such, you must be prepared for when this time comes. Applying for jobs with a criminal record attached to your name may only lower your chances of getting hired, especially during a public health crisis where businesses can barely keep their doors open. The sooner you get your record expunged (if you qualify), the better.

Unfortunately, court operations are delayed through Florida due to overwhelming backlogs and limited staff, so it may take a while for your case to be heard by a judge. Hiring a good lawyer will help expedite the process because they have the insights and resources your case needs. Your attorney can protect your rights and explore every legal avenue for getting your record expunged in a timely manner.

Attorney Carrie Rentz can be the lawyer you need to help restore your peace of mind. If you are eligible for expungement in Florida, she can walk you through each step of the process, help you complete all the paperwork, and keep you informed of your case. We can ensure no stone is left unturned, maximizing the chances of getting your record expunged.

While we can’t guarantee a favorable outcome, we can guarantee your case will receive the utmost dedication and priority from our lawyer. Contact the firm online or at (407) 995-6735 today!

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